April 2019

Richland, NE

In 2019 Richland along with much of Nebraska was subject to a quick melt, ice jams, heavy rain and even dam failure. This led to massive flooding sweeping across much of the state.

Homes, barns, and entire farms were completely submerged under 22 feet of water in some areas. Livestock and crops were washed away only to be found once the waters receded, sometimes miles away. Fences were destroyed and torn apart and debris was scattered across the landscape. Entire roads were covered in sand and gravel and others were washed away completely.

It would be months until the ground was dry enough to plant new crows or enough manpower was found to rebuild fencing for new livestock. Rebuilding all the roads and homes will be a process that takes years.

Long Weekend

As HART’s first official trip we were able to organize a hay delivery. 6 of our members drove straight through on a round trip to deliver 3 trailer loads of hay to a few farmers in dire need.

Upon our arrival it was clear that the people of Nebraska were not backing down. They had fought and lived through unimaginable weather with some incredible stories and they were ready to come together with their neighbors to rebuild their state.

Special Thanks To:

Musser’s Supply

Buser Farms