About Us

Heartland Agricultural Reflief Team

HART is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers dedicated to helping farmers and small agriculture business recover following natural disasters. Although based in York County, Pennsylvania, HART travels nation wide to help farmers recover and get back to work.

HART was founded due to the lack of help that is provided to farmers following national disasters. One of our nation’s most important industries was being ignored during their greatest times of need. HART specifically focuses on helping those in agriculture, and being a non-profit allows us the ability to get farmers the help and resources they need to get back on their feet much quicker.

HART is a certified 501(c)(3) disaster relief organization.

Disaster Relief

We are dedicated to helping farmers affected by all disasters including: flooding, wild fires, and tornados.


Our volunteers are trained to use all sorts of heavy equipment, enabling us to help with even the most devastated of farms.

National Reach

We go wherever disaster strikes, even if that’s far from home. All farmers are our family, and we will travel wherever is needed to help them.

Our Work and Abilities

No task is too big or too small, we have a wide range of skills and abilities and are always ready to tackle or learn something new

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Words From Those We've Helped

Testimonial 1

Thanks so much for all of your work! We were so overwhelmed with everything that happened…God delivered exactly what we needed…you. You are all angels.


Testimonial 2

I prayed to God for some help and here you came. Thank God for such wonderful people, stop back if you’re ever back in town

-Dean & Jill

Testimonial 3

Thank you so so much for riding into our rural little town to save the day. You mean the world to us, helping out when we were at a point of desperation.

Jack, Spencer, Simon