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HART is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit dedicated to helping farmers recover from disasters across the U.S.

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Porter, Oklahoma Project

Following our trips out west to Nebraska, we'll be heading out west once again, this time to Oklahoma. We’re helping a farmer and his wife who...
Trip 2.4

Monroe, Nebraska Project

On our second trip, we gathered additional equipment to help with the cleanup. Thanks to First Response, who donated a skid-loader and backhoe, and Atlantic...
Hay Delivery 3

Richland, Nebraska Project

Following devastating flooding in Richland, Nebraska in April 2019, HART organized an effort to deliver hay to a family farm affected by the flood. Asking...
Hay Delivery 2

Our Mission

To supply American farmers with the help they need to recover from natural disasters.

Farmers have been the backbone of our nation since its founding. They provide us with food, resources and other and critical economic exports that allow our nation to flourish. We provide help when they need it the most.

Resources & Supplies

We provide farmers with interim supplies and resources to help get through times of disaster.

Salvage & Recovery

We transport equipment to affected farms and use it to rebuild infrastructure and recover what can be salvaged.

National Reach

Although based in PA, our reach doesn’t stop there. So far, we’ve done projects in Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Our Progress

Although we’re a new organization, we’ve had the pleasure of embarking on many journeys and helping numerous farmers and their families.



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