April 2021

Paintsville, KY

In 2021 Paintsville and much of eastern Kentucky was subject to 2 massive ice storms, leaving 1/2 inch of ice in many places. This lead to thousands of trees falling across everything from streams, road, homes, and barns.

As if that wasn’t enough, before the cleanup could even begin record rainfall moved through the area which in combination with all the tree debris caused massive flooding, power outages, and destroyed barns and hay fields.

Work Filled Week

Following our quick trip to Ashland, Hart was able to organize a second hay deliver and a full work trip. 5 drives delivered 2 loads of hay to a local farmer whos hay fields were saturated and distroyed, and a third trailer of cleaning supplies, masks, and personal hygiene products to a relief distrubution center in the next town over.

On top of that 7 of our members stayed a full week to help out 5 different families as much as we could. Much of our work was spend cleaning up pasture lands and hay fields that were tucked back in the Kentucky hollers. We spent our days sawing and removing trees and debris. Many of the areas were still saturated and covered with water and mud from the flooding.

Special Thanks To:

Kauffman Custom Farming