July 2019

Porter, OK

In 2019 Porter and the surrounding towns were subject to high amounts of rain that led to rivers overflowing and massive flooding.

Fields around the rivers were submerged and completely saturated. Farms and pasture lands were under 10 feet of water in some areas. High flood waters around the river left large sand deposits, in some cases filling peoples homes and yards. Debris and personal property littered the landscape.

Work Filled Week

During our week in Porter we were fortunate enough to help two local ranchers. We first helped a 300 acre ranch that was entirely flooded with 9 feet of flood water. We spend days cleaning and gathering everything from large trees, to hay bales, to farm equipment and tools. We were also able to rebuild 5 creek crossings for vehicles and cattle.

Towards the end of the week we found a home that had been completely underwater and had 8 inches of sand throughout the home and all over the property. We were able to remove the sand from around the entire property.

Special Thanks To:

First Response Team of America

Messick’s Farm Equipment