Trip 2.4
May, 2019

Monroe, NE

During our first trip to Nebraska, we saw first hand the devastation many farmers were facing. As soon as we got home, we began preparing to return.

On our second trip, we gathered additional equipment to help with the cleanup. Thanks to First Response, who donated a skid-loader and backhoe, and Atlantic Tractor (Whiteford, MD) who donated a John Deere gator, we were able to help with high-intensive cleanup.

Work-filled Week

We had a busy week helping two local farmers with their properties. The majority of the work was spent taking down and putting up new fencing for pastures. For most of us it was a new experience putting up barbed-wire fence, but we caught on fast.

We worked 12+ hour days in some cold and windy and others in hot and sunny weather. We didn’t get as much done as we wished we could have but we feel very accomplished with what we did get done and the progress made. The work we did was very minuscule to what all needs to be done to get the farms back to what they used to be. We couldn’t have gotten so much work done without the incredible people who came along and helped.

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